How to Hide Money


I learned how to hide money when I was young, in part because we had a busy house with lots of people coming and going. I had some money buried. I also had some inside a wall in a closet. It was accessed by way of a false panel that filled the space above the closet door and was painted to look just like the other walls. My parents may not have liked the fact that I cut a big hole in the wall, but nobody ever knew. The video here has some more ideas for how to hide money...

Let's look at a few more places to hide cash that were not covered in the video...

Under Carpet

If you have a piece of carpet which is loose, you can pull up a corner and put an envelope full of currency underneath. A thief is not likely to know that the carpet is loose. Just be sure not to place the money where people regularly walk, or there may be a telltale crunching sound of paper to give the location away.

Under Soles of Shoes

This is a trick I use when traveling, but you can also stash some cash under the inner sole of running shoes that are in your closet. Just be sure not to do this with expensive shoes that might be robbed.

Inside Pillows

If you are handy with needle and thread you can open the seam on a throw-pillow and insert some cash. Then sew it back up with a few stitches. But don;t make it the best pillow in the house, as this too could be stolen.

Piano Music Sheets

Sheet music is almost never taken by thieves, and it is not a common hiding place for cash (unlike books). That makes this location worth considering.

Under a Deck

A plastic vitamin container or or closing waterproof container can be great for hiding money in a variety of places. A small hole under the edge of a deck, for example, can hold a small bottle full of cash. Be sure nobody is watching when you make the stash, of course.

In the Woods

It can be tricky to hide money in a wilderness area for a variety of reasons. First, it is easy to forget exactly where you put the stash. In that case it might be a hundred years or more before anyone sees it again. Second, it can become dislodged. If you bury a plastic jar full of cash where floods might move the earth, or where tree roots might pull it up when the tree falls in a storm, the stash can be visible to the next person to pass by. Accessibility is an issue as well. You have to travel to your hiding place to get the money.

But if it is done right, there are some advantages when you hide money in the woods. First, if you want to get some cash out of your home, the wilderness is one place where you are unlikely to be on camera. Second, it is a place where criminals and others searching for your money are very unlikely to look. So it can be a decent choice. Just bury it in a waterproof container, make sure it will remain where it is through any expected weather events, and hide any evidence of digging. Whether you want to leave directions to it with a friend in case of death, or just reward some future treasure hunter with a surprise find two hundred years from now is up to you.

With a little imagination you can find many other places to hide currency. There is also more on how to hide money in the Secrets Package.

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