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The purpose of this website is simple: To tell you useful things you didn't know. We stopped selling You Aren't Supposed to Know: A Book of Secrets and The Secrets Package because it was difficult to keep all the e-books updated and fresh. It's easier to do that on a website. Generally we call "secrets" any bits of news and information that we think are known by less than 20% of the population at the time we publish them.

On the pages of this site you'll learn how to read minds, boost your intelligence, make more money, spend less, get the real news, subliminally persuade people, detect lies, and find treasure. That's just the start. In the coming months we'll be adding most of the content for which you used to have to pay $27 when we were still selling it.

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Alternative News and Commentary - April 28, 2014 - Here are some of the latest alternative news stories that the mainstream press might not have covered to thoroughly. Here and there you'll also find my own opinion or comment... Drones and War... Do You Really Have Cancer?... Monsanto is Watching... Marijuana Myths and Truths... American Superstitions... Continue reading here...

Casino Money Management - April 1, 2014 - There are ways to win at casinos, and even ways to do so consistently if you are willing to put in some time studying and training yourself. These methods have been covered elsewhere on this site and others. But whether you play to win or just enjoy a bit of gambling, there are also basic money management strategies that will keep you from getting in too deep. Some examples follow, but... Continue reading here...

Investing in Lawsuits: Should It Be Allowed? - March 2014 - Champerty is the practice of investing in a lawsuit. At one time it was made illegal or was highly restricted in England and the United States, but it has been making a comeback as the laws change step-by-step. Technically the U.S. practice of attorneys working for a percentage... Continue reading here...

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Sales Trick - Good salesmen have always known intuitively what behavioral economists are finally proving through research. For example, there is a process of "integrating losses" that causes us to pay more for things than we normally would. A classic example is a $300 car stereo you would have thought was too expensive the day before, but when you are buying a $21,000 car, $500 for the same stereo seems reasonable. This is why car salesmen push the extras hard. They are easier sales when you are already spending a large amount of money.

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The Return of Debtor's Prison - Most people think of debtor's prison as a thing of the past in this country. In fact, at a federal level, the United States abolished imprisonment for unpaid debts in 1833. Many states ended the practice around the same time, and by the 1850s most state constitutions had clauses prohibiting the jailing of people for debts. Some legal scholars would even argue that there is no such thing as imprisonment for debt here now. But is that really true? Let's take a look... Read More: Debtor's Prison

Power to the People... In Power - Here are a few under-reported stories that caught my attention in the last few weeks. Read on for reports about arrests for smelly pot, New York's stop-and-harass policy, and other interesting and frightening... Continue reading here...

A Fair Price and Your Price - What is the "right" price to pay for something and should we all pay the same price? Is it fair for a business to charge some people more for a product or service than they charge others? Questions like these are interesting, and worthy of discussion according to the ethical issues raised. For example, if a pharmaceutical company invests millions in developing a life-saving drug, and then start producing the drug for a cost $1 per dose, they might in theory make a marginal profit at a wholesale cost of $1.50, except that they have to recover those millions spent on research too. One way they can do this is to charge people in wealthier countries a lot more than those who live in poor countries. Charging according to what people can afford seems like an ethical arrangement which generates the revenue necessary to recover initial investments and provide a decent profit. But what if the point is to simply charge each customer as much as possible using... Read More: Fair Price

Behavioral Economics and Subliminal Manipulation - The science of economics (to the extent that it can be called a science) is at its core a study of human behavior. Economies are simply the result of all of the millions of actions taken by investors, business people and consumers. But most of the time economists are telling us about the larger issues like inflation, wages, unemployment, and production. Behavioral economics, on the other hand, is a very specialized branch of the science which looks at the psychology of economic decision making processes of individuals and... Read More: Subliminal Economics

Statistical Lies and The Liars Who Use Them - In his book, Stat-Spotting, Joel Best gives a good example of how politicians can lie with statistics. He explains how President Bush's Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton went before reporters and announced that the United States had had its first net gain in wetlands since the Fish and Wildlife Service started tracking wetland acreage in 1954. That certainly makes it sound like the administration and its agencies are doing a good job protecting the environment, doesn't it? But it turns out that the only reason there was a supposed increase in wetlands acreage is because.... Read More: Statistical Lies

Wrongful Prosecution: An Example - In their book, Mistrial, Mark Geragos and Pat Harris tell the true story of Edmond Ovasapyan, a young man who was wrongfully arrested and prosecuted for murder in Glendale, California in 2009. Below is a bare outline of this injustice, followed by a few thoughts on wrongful prosecution and how we might make it less... Read More: Wrongful Prosecution

The FBI's Make-Believe War on Terrorism - There have been relatively few real terror attacks or even plots in the United States. But that doesn't mean there are not many "manufactured" plots. In his book, "The Terror Factory; Inside the FBI's Manufactured War on Terrorism," Trevor Aaronson gives a few examples... Read More: FBI War on Terrorism

Sending and Stashing Cash - This page covers two aspects of dealing with large amounts of cash. The first part is about sending currency through the U.S. mail; you'll learn how to do it properly. The second part looks at what you should do with bills you may have stashed around the house or in a safe deposit box. It isn't necessarily safe to just leave them alone. You probably should be putting new currency in place of... Read More: Stashing Cash

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